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Epic Games Store freebies are a mixed bag. Some of them aren’t that good, but some can be absolute masterpieces. And one of those excellent games just found itself there.

“Control” by Remedy and 505 Games, which is considered one of the best of the current console generation, is currently free on the Epic Games Store until June 17, according to Yahoo. As a freebie, “Control” is the Epic Games Store’s way of closing off the last week of their massive Mega Sale.

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“Control” was released back in 2019, but two years after its launch, it’s still praised by both fans and critics alike. PCWorld included it in their 10 Best PC Games of 2019 list, where it joined the ranks of other exquisite titles such as “Metro: Exodus,” “Disco Elysium,” and the Rockstar Games opus “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

For those who haven’t played the game before, “Control” is a fresh IP that takes players into a spooky game world where they’ll run around shooting bad guys while also wielding paranormal-like powers. The Verge calls the game an excellent supernatural thriller, so if you’re into that sort of story, then by all means go for it. It’s free, anyway.

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As previously mentioned, “Control” is just one of many excellent games that have been given away for free on Steam’s biggest competitor in the digital games distribution market.

It’s normal for games to be given away for free after their release. Though on a normal day, these free games tend to be old classics that have already been out for years, sometimes even decades. But how exactly does Epic Games manage to do this for relatively recent titles?

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Epic Games paid several developers $11.6 million for 38 games, which they then released for free on their store. This was revealed during the heat of the famed Epic vs. Apple court battles, wherein the former accused the latter of so-called “anti-developer” practices.

These 38 games were given away over a 10-month period, from December 2018 to September of 2019. Among these were some pretty big-name titles, such as “Subnautica,” “For Honor,” and “Metro 2033 Redux.” You can check the complete list of the games from this tweet:

Want to know how much $ the devs of those ‘free’ Epic Games Store games got, & how many copies were grabbed? Here’s the first 9 months to September 2019. pic.twitter.com/5hkLb1VEjj

! Simon Carless (@simoncarless) May 3, 2021

As previously said, “Control” left both fans and critics raving for its excellent and refreshing take on the action game genre. Many reviewers considered it as Remedy’s best outing and a culmination of the gameplay innovations they brought to earlier titles, notably “Alan Wake,” “Max Payne,” and “Quantum Break.”

Aside from that, the game is also one of the best-looking out there, especially with excellent implementations of NVIDIA’s DLSS and ray tracing technology which bring the visuals to a whole new level of fidelity. If you have the right hardware in your rig, then check the game out and see what the fuss is about.

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