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[Nuts to you]Wei Shen V first small team attacked!Sensual main singer Wei Shen V (Wayv) -kun & xiaojun will issue Single Album Back to you on the 16th!

  YES Entertainment June 11th Website V (Wayv,Label V is the first slogan V (WAYV) – Kun & Xiaojun will issue a new Single album “Back to you”.


  Label V Today (11th)Wei Shen V (Wayv) -kun & xiaojun’s Single Album “Back to You” will be openly disclosed at 5 o’clock on June 16 (Beijing time) on major music websites around the world.The album contains three songs,Including the sense of sensive, charm, “BACK TO You”,And Pop Ballad’s Incident Song “Sleepless”, And the main English version of the global fans, “Back to You (English Ver) (ENGLISH VER).).

  It is reported that,In the “Rainbow V” project launched at the beginning of the Wei Shen V,Kun (Qian Wei) and XIAOJun (Xi Dejun) have fully demonstrated their infinity possibilities as the main singing, “Red Bean”.Since then, the two will also play a unique voice and excellent singing every album every album.Also let people look forward to singing strengths that two members will be present in the new album.

  It is noteworthy that,Wei Shen V has always,Get popular in the world with its unique music personality and gorgeous stage performances.There is a title of “domestic power idol combination”.The Wei Shen V (Wayv) -kun & Xiaojun is the first small packet, which is officially launched by Wei Shen V,Two members of the excellent singing and rich feelings can also be seen,It is worth looking forward to.

  In addition,The new Single album of Wei Shen V (Wayv) -kun & xiaojun is on the eve of the release,That is, it will be publicly published in turn, which will be publicly published in turn,Push people in the expectation of the new album of the Weitian V first small team to the climax.